Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Love that Dare Not Speak its Name

You know - between a cat and a dog....This is Pico. He and Ginger have been having a little orange love fest for about 3 years. Things are a little rocky these days, however, as Pico has acquired access to the outside world (i.e. ripped a hole in our screen porch) and now keeps the schedule of an angsty teen - out all night returning only to raid the proverbial fridge and crash on the couch.


Lighting Info:D90 set to f/5.6 aperture priority with an exposure bias of -1 stop. Subject lit with 1 SB-800 flash,in the left hand, set to TTL +1 stop. . Tyler chose +1 stop for this photo because Pico's fur is 1 stop above middle-grey, and leaving the camera in full automatic would have under exposed this image making Pico look brownish orange.

And here's a little photo from the good old days when Pico's love was true:

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